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U.S. citizens can petition for parents, spouses, siblings and children. Permanent Residents (PR) can petition for spouses and children only. Immediate Relatives of US Citizens - Unmarried children under 21, Spouse, Parent, Widow/Widower (under certain circumstances)

First Preference - Unmarried sons or daughters of US citizens over age 21.

Second Preference - Spouses and unmarried children of lawful permanent residents (Green Card Holders).

Third Preference - Married sons and daughters of US citizens.

Fourth Preference - Brothers and sisters of US citizens.

DIVERSITY VISA - DV-1 Visas (the "Green Card Lottery")
Started in October 1994 as the Permanent Diversity Program for natives of certain countries that have provided relatively few immigrants to the US in recent years. Annually, 55,000 visas are given away in a random drawing to individuals from countries underrepresented in the total immigrant pool.

People with a real fear of persecution because of race, religion, nationality, belonging to a particular social group, or political opinion can apply for an asylum or refugee status.

Representation to file citizenship papers.

Representation before the INS throughout the United States and U.S. Consulates worldwide.

Representation and counsel in other general immigration matters


I-9 Audits
We will assist your business in preparing for an INS I-9 Audit by helping to identify any trends, mistakes, deficiencies, or other non-compliance with INS reporting procedures associated with the employment of foreign nationals and the regulations governing those employees and their dependants.


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